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Teddy Atlas Goes Mental and Blames Corruption in Canelo vs GGG Result

Canelo vs GGG Teddy Atlas Sounds Off

Never short of a few words, Teddy Atlas breaks down what he believes are the issues in boxing. Following last nights draw in superfight between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin. Simply stated when asked about his reaction to the fight “corruption in boxing“. Reminding us that all week he was saying that there would be some controversy in the fight.

“Follow the money! And no one else is going to say that in boxing. Some people are going to be very upset and I don’t care. I don’t care if they are upset”

And what do you mean by corruption?

“Because there is no way..  I got it 118 – 110. Let’s knock off a round and make it 117 – 111. And it’s still one guy winning the fight. One guy was the ocean and one guy was the log for most of the fight. And the ocean usually wins in that battle.

But I watch, in the Atlantic ocean and the ocean moves the log around. The ocean is the champion. And the ocean was Golovkin. But not in boxing, boxing doesn’t honour the things that should be honoured. It honours money, control, power. And there are only certain power brokers in boxing.”

Certain promoters; and they have the power. They have control who the judges are going to be, who they aren’t going to be. So who the judges know if they are going to work. Who they are going to vote for. In Las Vegas, where the money is going to come back there for a rematch. “

I mean there is no other way. How could I stand here all week and say it’s going to be a controversial outcome. How do I know that?”

Earlier on I had said Golovkin two years ago would knockout Canelo, but the fight got closer. It did get closer. Because he would have got knocked out two years ago. He fought in spots, he didn’t fight enough to win. He fought in spots to survive, him being Canelo. Spots to win here and there.”

If Canelo survived anything could happen

“To keep the ocean from putting him way up on the shore, if he is the log. But, at the end of the day, he didn’t do enough to win. He survived, he knew if he survived anything could happen. This could happen, the judge could take it from there. “

And again, I don’t give a damn about the promoters out there. And I picked the promoter who’s on top, I picked that guy to win. But I don’t care if they are mad or they’re angry. Because that is the truth. That is the problem with this sport. People will be satisfied to a certain extent. People will be sickened and say, I can’t continue to love something that doesn’t love me back.”

Teddy Atlas..

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