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Team Balance Ireland Head Coach Ray Butcher Talks About His Clubs History & Evolution


Ray Butcher Talks Team Balance Ireland

We had the opportunity to sit down with Ray Butcher, head coach at Team Balance Ireland. Ray spoke in-depth about his own background in Martial Arts.

The history of Team Balance Ireland, affiliated with Balance Studios in Philadelphia which was established by Phil Migliarese, 5th-degree Black belt, along with his brother Ricardo Migliarese 4th degree, both under Relson Gracie.

With a number of affiliated Balance clubs based mainly on the East coast of America. Established in 2005, Team Balance Ireland came about through a series of introductions via his coaches after Ray had travelled to the States to train.

Then subsequently, sometime later becoming a part of what he refers to as the Team Balance community. 10 years on and Team Balance Ireland who is now based in Drumcondra Dublin running a well established and highly successful club of their own.

One of the striking things you first notice about Balance is it’s a very open and inviting environment. Not the stereotypical testosterone-fueled club you might typically find, which might turn certain people off. They offer a combination of Yoga, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Striking and MMA classes to suit all comers.

With something for all ages and genders. You do get the feeling on entering that that is something which they have shriven to achieve. Creating a great “Balance” for those who either want to simply get fit, learn a new skill or compete if they should choose to do so.

Currently the home of Akuma Fighting Championships Amateur Welterweight Champion Keith McCabe. Team Balance has created a club where athletes who want to take their sport to the next level. Can train alongside those who might simply want to maintain their fitness levels or learn a Martial Art.

We wanted to find out more from Ray about the club’s origins, his vision in its design. And the ethos which makes Team Balance Ireland unique.

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