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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

The (Sweet) Science of a Knockout

Science of the Knockout

The following knockouts are not in any particular order and I wanted to cover an array of concepts, to not only cover the “anatomy” (the why?) of the knockout but the route to it (the how?). They will progress in intricacy, in regards my analysis, as the video does.

I used mostly recent/relevant finishes that I think are separately interesting, and different, as well as educational from a technical standpoint. Although it wasn’t my intention initially, I noticed throughout that footwork and/or superior footwork was a bit of a theme throughout. Enjoy, cheers.

If you want a breakdown, just taking a shit on my page/feed isn’t going to cut it, neither will sending me a DM on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. What WILL get you a breakdown, as Gleydson will testify, is getting people with followers to re-tweet my breakdowns, though they have to be somehow/someway involved in MMA.

So……want a certain fighter broken down? Put this video on Twitter or Facebook, and try to get someone with a large following to put it out there. The one with the most retweets win. If you don’t have any social media, you can explain to me how Patreon works perhaps, as every time I make one of these and look at the views and subscribers I’m not getting I inch closer to vanishing, especially knowing that almost everything else out there is garbage, and we all know it.

I said every 500 subs I’d do a new breakdown, and now I’m at 8 new (Rory MacDonald and Anthony Joshua are on Vimeo) breakdowns and 600 something subs, down from the 25K I’ve had in the past. I’m holding up my end, I’m not seeing very many doing anything to help the cause (you know who you are, those that do support my work, especially at MMAMicks, OFT). So “ask not what BD can do for you, ask what you can do for your boy BD” KenFlo.

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