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UFC 203 Stipe Miocic vs Mark Hunt Free Fight

Stipe Miocic vs Mark Hunt UFC Fight Night

Back before Stipe Miocic was the reigning UFC heavyweight champion. He began a 3 fight win streak with a win over Mark Hunt. In a fight he entered as the underdog, Miocic showed promise of what was to come. Throughout the fight, Miocic utilised his crisp boxing to keep Hunt at distance for the most part.

Stipe also used his kicking to stop some of the Super Samoan’s forward pressure. With Miocic managing to take Hunt to the ground during the first round. Easily taking the beginning of the fight on points, then early in the second round, yet again Stipe get Hunt to the ground. And starts to lay some pain on him before Hunt manages to scramble back to his feet. Another round in the bag for Miocic.

In round three Miocic yet again gets Hunt to the ground using his superior wrestling. Again inflicting more damage on the Samoan, before Hunt finally bounces back to his feet. It was more of the same for the remaining rounds. Until Miocic stops a battered Hunt with strikes in the fifth round.

Stipe defends his belt for the first time in front of his hometown in Cleveland at UFC 203 against ‘The Reem’ Alistair Overeem. Will the Croatian American be one of the few fighters to maintain his status as the undisputed UFC champion in 2016. We find out this weekend.

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