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UFC 220 countdown Stipe Miocic vs Francis Ngannou Full Show

Stipe Miocic Against Francis Ngannou UFC 220 Countdown

It was a fight the champion was supposed to lose. As the reigning UFC heavyweight champ, Stipe Miocic faces the marauding giant heavyweight challenger Francis Ngannou. As he faced one of the most destructive heavyweights the sport has seen. It seemed for all the world that almost everyone had already counted Stipe out.

And coming off six successive wins inside the octagon, two of which were over former world heavyweight champions. Who NGannou dispatched in the most brutal of fashions. Many spoke openly about how the charging Cameroonian would blast his way to the UFC championship. And now all that is standing in his way being Stipe Miocic, the fight seemed a formality.

We follow as the two fighters prepare to go to battle on January 20th at UFC 220. Taking it back to where it all began for Francis, who personally felt he was destined to be a boxer. But by pure chance, just three years ago he took up the sport of mixed martial arts.

Brushing past some of his early UFC opponents with relative ease. NGannou was quickly moved up to the big leagues, facing off against former champion Andre Arlovski. Then followed by K-1 and Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem. And with as destructive a knockout of the MMA great, as you will ever see, Ngannou’s opportunity had finally arrived.

Stipe vs Francis UFC 220

In Stipe Miocic, standing in his way is the most dominant heavyweight the UFC has known. And with a resume containing some of the biggest names in the sport. It’s hard to fathom how so many are dismissing his chances against the rising African.

We take a look back at how Miocic got to this point and some of the names he took out to break UFC records. Always confident, he now faces a surging Ngannou who is the bookies favourite entering the fight, but it’s not something Stipe seems at all concerned about. Having been counted out before, for him Francis is just the next guy on the list of many challengers to his throne.

And behind the scenes, we get to see exactly how the champion is preparing to meet his challenger. With his team from Strong style MMA in support. Miocic believes he is in the best hands to bring him success come January 20th. And with some fellow pro athletes in attendance to watch him train. The general consensus is that he will once again be bringing the belt back to Cleveland Ohio.

And Francis is of a similar disposition in that he too feels this is his time. Whether on the feet or on the ground, after two years in the UFC he believes he can stop Stipe wherever he wants. And we can see from his training at the UFC Performance Institute just how far he has come in his development.

Always adding new tools, combined with his natural athletic ability and size. He offers one of the biggest threats to the heavyweight crown. How will it all go when these two giants finally step into the octagon at UFC 220? We find out on January 20th, don’t blink.


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