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Stipe Miocic – Skill Breakdown / Film Study / Highlights

Stipe Miocic Skills video breakdown

Stipe Miocic & ‘3D Zone Control’! The strategy of 3D Zone Control is intended to improve the safety of firefighters operating inside a burning structure. It attempts to safeguard the immediate proximity of any space occupied in resorting to various actions that confine the fire, and remove combustible elements safely w/ efficacy; or mitigate dangers in hot-gas layers.

The outlining tactical objective is to provide more permanent levels of protection in structural compartments (safe zones), from which firefighters may operate in a myriad of fire and rescue roles.

Stipe Miocic is the current UFC Heavyweight Champion. As of April 2017, he is ranked 6th p4p in the UFC. Along with Randy Couture, Brock Lesnar, Cain Velasquez, and Tim Sylvia, Miocic holds the record for most UFC Heavyweight championship defences.

He is a former Cleveland Golden Gloves boxing champion and NCAA Division I wrestler at Cleveland State. Miocic began his MMA career by winning his first five fights by knockout. He then fought for NAAFS winning the NAAFS Heavyweight Championship by defeating Bobby Brents by submission.

Stipe Miocic Record

His record is 17-2 with 13 KO’s and 1 Submission. Stipe has great footwork and is quicker and more angular than most if not all HW’s in MMA. He uses all of this ring savvy to get past kicks, into boxing range, where he usually has the advantage.

Infighting and short-punching are a good test a fighters striking skills. The margin for error is nil and you, if developed, can do damage while maintaining a solid defence.

When infighting, the short-range right hook is absolutely vital, especially when used in conjunction with other short-range shots Watch HW great Evander Holyfield and you’ll see how adept he was at delivering the short-range right with speed and also George Foreman for power. The short 4 is one of the most powerful punches that an orthodox fighter can throw.

As with many other shots, the art of delivering the short-range right hook is relaxation and economy of motion combined with an explosive drive from the legs. Take careful note of the mechanics of the shot.


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