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Stephen Wonderboy Thompson || Breakdown • Skill Study • Highlights

Stephen Wonderboy Thompson Video breakdown

Return of the Karateka – Stephen Wonderboy Thompson. DISCLAIMER: While many will argue that Lyoto Machida was the one to bring Karate back. I don’t disagree, I am merely more impressed by Wonderboy’s striking sensibilities, clean USADA bill of health, and relevance in a fierce climate.

While I have certainly covered Wonderboy in the past, and he needs no introduction…. I will try to give some new takes on his technique/skill. Whether southpaw or orthodox, punching, kicking or a bit of both, the idea as always is to celebrate the fighters skill. Without further ado…..

Highlights by AP:


  • Fizzy Daequan – OH MY GVNG [No Copyright]
  • Thomas Gresen – Let Me Fall [No Copyright]
  • Janus x Holly Drummond – Yellow Paint [No Copyright]

MOLDΛVITE – Untouchable [No Copyright]

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