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Stephen Thompson vs Rory MacDonald UFC 209 Full FIGHT

Stephen Thompson vs Rory MacDonald Full Fight UFC 209

With a clear win over top contender Rory MacDonald when they met at UFC Fight Night 89 in Ottawa. Stephen Thompson got his title shot against the champion Tyron ‘the Chose One’ Woodley. Wonderboy now faces Woodley for a second time after their split decision the first time they met. Watch these two warriors go toe to toe once again in the main event at UFC 209.

Here we see the full fight between Thompson and MacDonald in which the karate based fighter was able to execute his gameplan. MacDonald who last competed almost one year ago back in 2016 against Robbie Lawler in a potentially career-changing fight. So in this fight against Stephen Thompson, he was making his first attempt to climb his way back into contention for the welterweight title.

Thompson vs MacDonald Round One

In a tentative first round, neither fighter was willing to engage. With MacDonald unable to set up his jab while being kept as bay by the counter striking game of Wonderboy. It was not until the last minute of the round until the pair clinched up against the cage. But with no progress made, the pair separated just before the end of the round.

Going into round two and it’s obvious these two fighters have a lot of respect for one another, perhaps too much? As they keep their distance and only engage for instances of the round. Thompson has a style that keeps fighters away, unable to get inside and box. Rory has some flashes as he gets Stephen up against the cage. But again is unable to capitalise on the position. The crowd then begins to boo the fighters as the round comes to an end.

More of the same in round three as Thompson keeps Rory as bay. But MacDonald is trying to press the action and gets his opponent up against the cage. Thompson quickly switches and gets Rory to the ground, managing to mount. But Rory goes for a heel-hook from the bottom which his unsuccessful.

Round Four

The fight begins to heat up in the fourth round, as both fighters now have a good read on one another. MacDonald manages to land some nice shots in close, as Wonderboy switches his stance and tries to keep distance. The pair clinch but no major damages is done by either fighter. And it is obvious that the speed advantage is with Thompson, as Rory is consistently stifled by his distance and style.

Going into the final round and MacDonald knows he is behind on the scorecards. Unable to crack the Wonderboy code. He resorts to all-out attack and lands some good shots. But Thompson soon pushes him back and almost lands a beautiful spinning head kick. The pair exchange blows and Rory gets badly hurt, similarly to his last fight.

It looks like Stephen may be able to get the fight stopped, but MacDonald continues to fight through until the final bell. Signalling the end of the fight and Rory career with the UFC. With many pundits believing his previous fight had taken so much out of him and left him with some serious injuries.

This was the fight in which The Red King was supposed to show the world he still had what it takes. And with a win against Thompson, he would once again find himself back in the mix. Let’s take a look at how the fight played out as these two top contenders fought for a shot at the champion.

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