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Stephen Thompson vs Jorge Masvidal full fight video

Stephen Thompson Against Jorge Masvidal UFC 217

It’s Stephen Thompson vs Jorge Masvidal, as the number two and four ranked welterweight in the world face off at UFC 217. And as expected Wonderboy Thompson starts the fight as the aggressor. Pushing forward in his trademark Karate stance, while Masvidal prods with his own set of oblique kicks. To try and keep some distance between him and the striking master.

Thompson very much seemed the aggressor, controlling the octagon. While Masvidal circled off, taking his time to pick his shots, of which there were not many in the opening two minutes. And it wasn’t really until halfway through the first round where Wonderboy landed some of his first punches of the match.

And it was now too that Gamebred began to find his own range. Landing some of his own low kicks to let Thompson know he was there and not going anywhere. Stephen Thompson continued to use his front side kick to push Jorge back and out of his rhythm. And it was one of these very shots that put Masvidal on his backside as the clock ticked down toward the end of the round.

It wouldn’t be until the last minute that we would see some real back and forth between the two. With both landing in a relatively evenly scored first round.

Round Two

Going into the second and we can tell Masvidal’s corner is a bit agitated. Perhaps because their fighter was a bit tentative and needed to push the action more. And this is what he tried to do, but was quickly pushed back and knocked to the ground. As Wonderboy landed one of his familiar blitzes, stunning the American Top Team fighter.

As the round continued, Thompson always seemed to be one step ahead. Getting in, getting out and landing some nice punches for the bargain. And at times this appeared to frustrate Jorge, who seemed unsure how to execute his gameplan against the ultra-sharp striking and cat-like reflexes of Wonderboy.

Final Round

With two rounds down this was now Stephen Thompson’s fight to lose. But with Jorge going for a takedown attempt, it’s clear he knows that on the feet is most likely not where he will win this fight. And as Thompson continues to switch stances and keep Jorge guessing. The clock continues it’s relentless countdown.

And as it does, Wonderboy also continues to land his jab, stalling Masvidal’s attacks and stifling his counters. Jorge tries his best to find the target, but Thompson is not there 95% of the time. Slipping and moving, countering and frustrating. It’s like a game of cat and mouse and we think you know who is the mouse.

And as the final buzzer sounds with Jorge Masvidal lifting his arms in the air. It’s pretty clear who was the winner in the fight. With Thompson’s pinpoint accuracy and Masvidal’s often desperate looking counter-attacks. It was a unanimous decision win for Stephen Thompson. And another lost opportunity for Jorge Masvidal to make a clear statement at 170 lbs.

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