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Stephen Thompso Vs. Vicente Luque (Welterweight) UFC 244

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has been a stage for some of the most exhilarating battles in mixed martial arts (MMA) history. In the welterweight division, a highly anticipated matchup took place at UFC 244 between two formidable strikers: Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson and Vicente Luque. This article delves into the electrifying encounter that unfolded inside the Octagon and examines the skills, tactics, and outcome of this thrilling clash.

A Battle of Styles

Stephen Thompson, renowned for his dynamic striking ability, had earned a reputation as one of the division’s most technical and elusive fighters. His background in kickboxing, coupled with his karate-style approach, allowed him to display a unique and unpredictable fighting style. With his exceptional footwork, Thompson had developed a knack for controlling the distance and landing precise strikes from a variety of angles.

On the other hand, Vicente Luque, known for his aggressive fighting style, possessed a different set of skills that made him a formidable opponent. Luque showcased his Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt credentials, which added another dimension to his arsenal. However, it was his ability to push the pace and deliver devastating strikes that truly set him apart.

The Fight: Rounds of Fireworks

As the highly anticipated fight between Thompson and Luque commenced, fans eagerly anticipated a clash of striking styles. The opening round showcased Thompson’s trademark footwork and movement, as he danced around the Octagon, using his long-range attacks to keep Luque at bay. Luque, undeterred, pressed forward, looking to close the distance and engage in close-quarters exchanges.

The second round saw a shift in momentum as Luque managed to land a powerful right hook that sent Thompson to the canvas. Sensing an opportunity, Luque relentlessly pursued Thompson, attempting to capitalize on his momentary advantage. However, Thompson showcased his resilience and defensive skills, weathering the storm and managing to regain his composure before the round came to a close.

As the fight progressed into the third round, both fighters showed tremendous heart and determination. Thompson, known for his tactical approach, attempted to maintain distance, utilizing his striking range to frustrate Luque. Luque, aware of Thompson’s game plan, pushed forward with unrelenting pressure, throwing heavy strikes and seeking opportunities to bring the fight to the ground.

The crowd erupted in excitement during the final round as both fighters showcased their striking prowess. Thompson’s dynamic kicks and quick strikes were met with Luque’s power shots and relentless aggression. The ebb and flow of the fight created an atmosphere filled with anticipation as fans eagerly awaited the judges’ decision.

The Verdict and Aftermath

When the final bell rang, the judges’ scorecards were called upon to determine the victor of this exhilarating battle. In a fight that demonstrated the resilience and skill of both competitors, it was Stephen Thompson who emerged victorious, securing a unanimous decision victory.

The victory for Thompson reaffirmed his position as one of the division’s elite fighters and provided him with a platform to make another run for the welterweight title. As for Vicente Luque, despite the loss, he showcased his durability and relentless style, gaining respect from fans and fellow fighters alike.


The clash between Stephen Thompson and Vicente Luque at UFC 244 delivered on the high expectations set for the matchup. Both fighters displayed incredible skill, heart, and determination, creating a thrilling spectacle for MMA fans. Thompson’s technical prowess and ability to weather the storm ultimately secured him the victory, but the resilience and power exhibited by Luque proved that he remains a force to be reckoned with in the welterweight division.

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