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Smaller Knockout Artist VS Bigger Opponents | Beating The Bigger Fighter Ft. Mike Tyson

Small Fighters Knocking People Out

It’s the age-old question of does size matter yet asked for a completely different reason. How does a smaller fighter deal with larger opponents? Let’s take a glance into someone who already is, middleweight contender Kelvin Gastelum. A fighter who has made his way from the last pick on The Ultimate Fighter. To finding himself fighting against Israel Adesanya for the number one middleweight contender spot.

Gastelum is known for being one of the smaller fighters at middleweight. Having previously been a welterweight fighter who consistently missed weight. And as a result, was eventually forced by the UFC to move up a weight division. And while initially this was seen as a tough call by his bosses. It wasn’t long before Gastelunm began making a name for himself.

So let us take a close look at this undersized knockout artist and what he brings to the UFC octagon. Mindsmash brings us through his analysis of the Mexican American fighter and his place amongst the elite athletes of the UFC.

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