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Anderson Silva Leg Surgery Breakdown

Anderson Silva Leg Surgery Following His Leg Break

After his championship challenge matchup with Chris Weidman after UFC 168 at the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vega Nevada. Doctor Steven Sanders, the orthopaedic surgeon explains the severity of Anderson Silva’s leg injury. Doctor Sanders explains in detail the full extent of the injury. The surgery required to fix the broken leg and the expected length of downtime for the former Middleweight Champion.

The UFC doctor goes through each step of the surgery it took to rebuild Silva’s leg. Including the insertion of a forty-centimetre titanium rod. As the doctor meticulously breaks down how they go about rebuilding the broken leg.

He discusses the exact details of the operation and the decisions he had to make in the operating room. How the tibia and fibula bones which serves different purposes had to be dealt with. His insight into the severity of the break and what was required to fix it. And it offers us some fascinating and unparalleled insight into what exactly happened. After Anderson Silva was taken from the Arean that fateful night.

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