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Sean O’Malley vs Eddie Wineland Full Fight UFC 250

Sean O’Malley Against Eddie Wineland UFC 250

Every so often a fight comes along that best represents the old school vs new school handing of the torch. And with Suga Sean O’Malley facing Eddie Wineland at UFC 250 fight Island, we got exactly just that. Wineland is the former WEC bantamweight champion and one of the most seasoned veterans in the sport.

O’Malley is a fast-rising lanky bantamweight that made himself known to the UFC fanbase via season one of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. Where he knocked out his opponent Alfred Khashakyan with a beautiful straight left. Garnering him an immediate new fanbase led by none other than Snoop Dogg and the UFC president himself Dana White.

And now having won all of his four fights since joining the promotion, Sean is a rising force in the UFC. O’Malley is making himself known and appreciated amongst MMA fans and quickly earning himself a name for exciting fights.

Here he faced a tough and experienced Eddie Wineland. Who while at thirty-six years old and on a two-fight losing streak is still considered one of the sports top fighters. And a serious threat to the perfect 11 – 0 record of the rising O’Malley. Will it be a return to form for the veteran, or will Sean pick u where he left off with another win inside the UFC octagon?

Round One

We are underway in round one as O’Malley comes out and lands the first kick of the fight. The much taller fighter with a four-inch height advantage. Sean is more of a kicking based fighter with a great left hand. Eddie Wineland is an aggressive striker, with a herky-jerky still who loves to push forward and bring the fight to his opponent.

But with his height and reach advantage O’Malley is having plenty of success keeping Wineland back. Using push kicks and head kicks, he manages, for the most part, to keep the powerful shots of Wineland from doing much damage. O’Malley lands a stiff body kick and right-hand punch which makes Eddie pause and reset.

Then missing with a spinning head kick, O’Malley feints a right-hand uppercut into a straight right. Landing flush on the jaw of Eddie Wineland and sending him to the canvas, unconscious on arrival. As Sean has a walk-off KO to rival even that of the great Mark Hunt.


Where next for the Suga show as O’Malley makes yet another statement at 135 lbs. And no doubt in the process endearing himself to a whole new set of fans. And with a growing chorus of followers, there will no doubt be a push for some bigger names. As the young fighter inches his way higher in the ranking and toward an inevitable top ten showdown.

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