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Sean O’Malley UFC 252: Welcome To The Suga Show

The Sean O’Malley Suga Show

I’m looking for exciting, I’m looking for flashy, I’m looking for somebody who has that thing.” What is that thing? “Sean O’Malley is that thing.

Dana White – Tuesday night contender series

The world needs personalities, it needs outliers. Those who stand out from the crowd and those who forge their own path. On the surface, Sean O’Malley appears to be one of those guys. Fighting at bantamweight in the UFC, O’Malley stands at a cold 5 11″ while competing at 135 lbs. He’s one of those rare fighters who with a slight frame, carries oodles of stopping power.

Suga to his fans has been blazing a trail ever since he exploded on to the scene with a vicious knockout of Alfred Khashakyan on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender series. Making an immediate impact and garnering a fan in Snoop Dogg and many others. As from the getgo, Sean’s swagger and style set him apart from his peers.

In a sport where big egos are commonplace, with a little sprinkle of this and a dash of that, O’Malley has quickly carved out his very own spot.

On The UFC 252 Main Card

And now in just his fifth fight with the promotion, O’Malley finds himself slotted snuggly up against the main event at UFC 252 Miocic vs Cormier 3, on what is sure to be one of the most-watched cards of 2020. For those who haven’t already had the privilege to get their very own front-row seat to the Suga show. The rising star could not have hoped for a better opportunity to put himself and his skills on display.

“Welcome to The Suga Show.”

sean O’Malley – Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender series

And it’s a position Sean seems to relish, where three years ago (I know, how time flies) he was fighting on regional shows. He now finds himself as he sees it in a “co-main” slot, on one of the biggest fight nights of the past couple years. His star is in the ascendence and it has to be said, much of that is down to his own self-promotion.

Obviously what he produces inside the cage plays a major role, but O’Malley’s fearless self-belief and self-talk have made him a fan favourite amongst many, not all! As going by some forums there’s no shortage of those who would like to see the “big mouth” skinny guy have his lights put out. This is the fight game after all.

But I think Sean couldn’t care less about those detractors. Now sitting just inside the top fifteen, he’s doing his thing which is paying dividends. With a solid win over Marlon Vera at UFC 252 and him already stirring the pot, verbally sparring online with certain former champions. We will surely see him cracking the top ten in the not too distant future.

O’Malley In The Top Ten

But be careful what you wish for in this sport, as once that can of worms has been cracked open, there ain’t no turning back. And with certified killers and a confirmed stone-cold Russian hitman sitting at the top of the pile. There’s a long and dangerous road ahead for anyone who ventures near.

Sean O'Malley On Youtube Presenting His Ufc 252 Pre Fight Predictions His Suga Show.
Sean O’Malley presents on his YouTube channel

Sean O’Malley brings something to the sport which is often lacking amongst many of these fighters. I could come out, be blunt and just say “personality.”

But it’s more than that, in a sport where those who don’t produce get quickly found out. There are those who talk and those who do, and when you can do both, well then my friends we have a winning formula.

If you don’t have self-belief in this game, you may as well quit. A combination of that, along with showmanship, part self-marketing guru coupled with producing the goods when necessary. Somewhere in amongst all that, a fighter people clamber to see more of is born.

He knows how to play the marketing game, having no doubt learned lessons from those who came before. Not content to wait around for the UFC to put their marketing machine behind him. Outside of training, Sean has been busy building his own brand and establishing himself as one of the most conspicuous fighters on the packed UFC roster.

Producing the Goods

But when all is said and done, it’s what he has been able to achieve and how he did it, which has people excited. And with the UFC always looking for that next stand out from which they can mould the next big thing. Is Sean O’Malley their guy?

Still not in the top ten, yet he finds himself right up there alongside one of the biggest fights the sport has ever seen. So it’s obvious the UFC now have their plan in place and Suga figures big, but how big?

Get knocked out at UFC 252 and it may all come crashing down. Having already seen it so many times we have lost count. The next big thing, becomes the, what might have been. It’s a fine line which once is stepped over is much more difficult to find your way back.

Come August 15th, all the pressure is on Sean to produce the goods. But it’s something he savours and cannot wait to do. To show the world he is the real deal and that the Suga Show ain’t just another one of those straight to bargain bin flops. Not a flash in the pan, but just the prelude in a long and successful road to stardom?

Both fans and haters, it’s time to grab your popcorn and take your seats. The show is about to get underway and good or bad, you don’t want to miss the highlight. UFC 252 sees Sean O’Malley in the main act, will the performance be deserving of accolade?

Sean O’Malley vs Eddie Wineland Knockout

Sean O’Malley knocks out Eddie Wineland at UFC 250.

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