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How Sean O’Malley Won With One Leg | MULTIVERSE THEORY

Sean O’Malley wins his fight on one leg

UFC bantamweight fighter Sean O’Malley is the latest fighter to be added to the UFC stable. The bantamweight has looked red hot ever since he stepped into the UFC octagon in the Ultimate Fighter TV series. Winning his debut against Terrion Ware and giving up one of the best knockouts in the show’s history.

The Irish American Fighter has quickly made his mark on the division, becoming a favourite of UFC commentator Snoop Dogg. And has gone on a spree by winning all of his first three bouts. What does the future hold for the newcomer in a sport which disposes of the unworthy like an old toy.

“Do you remember that time when Anderson Silva lost his leg vs Chris Weidman thus the match was instantly over? Something similar happened to “Sugar” Sean O’Malley, but he continued to fight…”””

Sean, despite showing tremendous heart, honestly Andre couldn’t have played it better for O’Malley when he decided to shoot for a takedown… What happened here? Why? Join me as we take a closer glance into the multiverse theory.

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