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Santiago Ponzinibbio Vs. Alex Morono (Catchweight (180 lb) UFC 282

Santiago Ponzinibbio and Alex Morono‘s full fight in the UFC on April 10, 2021, was a highly anticipated event. The match lasted three rounds, with Ponzinibbio emerging as the victor in a unanimous decision. Ponzinibbio showcased his exceptional striking ability and resilience, which helped him secure the win.

From the outset, Ponzinibbio was the more aggressive fighter, with Morono focusing on counter-striking. Ponzinibbio was able to land significant strikes to Morono’s head and body, which forced Morono to back up and circle away from his opponent. However, Morono was able to land some significant strikes of his own, and his counter-attacks kept Ponzinibbio on his toes.

In the second round, Ponzinibbio continued to dominate, with his powerful strikes to the head and body leaving Morono struggling to find his rhythm. Ponzinibbio’s defense was also impressive, as he was able to evade most of Morono’s attempts to land significant strikes. Morono attempted to switch things up by taking Ponzinibbio to the ground, but Ponzinibbio was able to get back to his feet quickly.

The third and final round saw Ponzinibbio‘s striking power take its toll on Morono, who was clearly struggling to keep up. However, Morono was still able to mount some attacks, which forced Ponzinibbio to be more cautious in his approach. Despite this, Ponzinibbio’s superior striking and defense allowed him to control the fight and secure the win.

Overall, the Ponzinibbio vs. Morono fight was a highly entertaining bout that showcased the skills of both fighters. While Morono put up a valiant effort, Ponzinibbio’s superior striking and resilience were ultimately too much for him to handle. The win was an important one for Ponzinibbio, who had been out of action for over two years due to health issues. His impressive showing in this fight serves as a reminder of his abilities and cements his place as a top contender in the welterweight division.

53 / 100
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