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Ryan Spann Vs. Dominick Reyes Catchweight (206.6 lb) UFC 281

Ryan Spann and Dominick Reyes faced off in a highly anticipated light heavyweight bout at UFC Vegas 37 on September 18, 2021. Both fighters were looking to climb up the rankings and make a statement in the division.

The first round was a feeling-out process, with both fighters throwing probing strikes but not committing too much. Reyes landed a couple of leg kicks, while Spann tried to close the distance and land some punches. Reyes started to pick up the pace toward the end of the round and landed a couple of nice combinations.

In the second round, Reyes continued to find success with leg kicks and started to mix in some head strikes as well. Spann was able to land a few solid punches, but he was mostly on the defensive as Reyes kept the pressure on.

The third round saw both fighters start to tire a bit, but they still managed to throw some heavy shots. Spann had some success with his left hook, but Reyes was still landing more strikes and appeared to be in control.

In the fourth round, Reyes landed a big left hand that dropped Spann to the canvas. Reyes followed up with some ground-and-pound, but Spann was able to survive and get back to his feet. However, Reyes continued to pour on the pressure and landed several more hard shots.

The fifth and final round saw Spann come out aggressively, knowing that he needed a finish to win the fight. He landed some nice shots, but Reyes weathered the storm and started to take control again. Reyes landed a big knee to the body that hurt Spann, and he followed up with more strikes that forced the referee to stop the fight.

In the end, Dominick Reyes won the fight by TKO in the fifth round. It was a dominant performance by Reyes, who showed off his striking skills and toughness. Spann fought hard and had some good moments, but he was ultimately outclassed by Reyes.

The win was a much-needed one for Reyes, who had suffered back-to-back losses to Jon Jones and Jan Blachowicz in his previous two fights. With this victory, Reyes showed that he is still one of the top contenders in the light heavyweight division.

For Spann, the loss was a setback, but he can still take some positives from the fight. He showed that he can hang with one of the best fighters in the division and had some moments of success. With some adjustments, he could come back even stronger in his next fight.

Overall, the Ryan Spann vs. Dominick Reyes fight was an exciting and entertaining bout between two talented light heavyweight fighters. Reyes was the better fighter on the night, but both men deserve credit for putting on a great show for the fans.

53 / 100
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