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Russian Arena Combat MMA Hip Show

Russian Arena Combat MMA Fight Show Hip Show is as Crazy as You Get

Have you ever seen the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie “The Running Man“? In it, he has to fight off an array of attackers in order to obtain his freedom. The true aim of the televised game is for the viewers to see Arnie get cut into little pieces. It’s that desire for bloodlust that we humans hide deep within our psyche. So what’s this Russian Arena Combat MMA show all about then?

Well, it’s a two on two ‘competition’ where the teams can score through an array of strikes. Submissions or by holding an area of real estate in the arena. It is violent, it looks very exciting and most of all it’s gruesome. The obvious next step is for these guys to be handed a weapon of some sort. Actually scrub that, don’t hand it to them, make them work for it! But definitely give them some!

All in all another crazy idea from our brothers in Russia. Putting groups of men in an arena where there are raised heights from where they can fall on to their heads. Where multiple fighters can attack one opponent at the same time. Seems like a perfect setting for football hooligans to get involved, which no doubt some of the competitors are. Probably not a format which we will see grow very much, or we may be wrong?

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