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Rose Namajunas – The Journey

Rose Namajunas Short Documentary

The always outstanding Mixed Molly Whoppery breaks down the story of Thug Rose Namajunas, an American mixed martial artist (born June 29, 1992). Along with her other half, former UFC heavyweight fighter Pat “Hype or Die” Barry! Rose is currently signed to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Where she competes in the women’s strawweight division and is the current champion. As of April 2018, Namajunas is ranked #15 on the official UFC pound-for-pound rankings.

This excellent piece of work completed by MMW shines a light on the life of Thug Rose. The trial and tribulations for her and her partner Pat. It’s a side we don’t often get to see of these fighters, as week in week out we are peppered with the same mundane coverage and talking points by the mainstream MMA media.

Shaking Up The MMA Community

It takes someone to come in and shake things up, to show the MMA community just how it can be done. And that is exactly what happens here as Mixed Molly Whoppery raises the bar for all others to follow. A quality piece of art that perfectly captures the intriguing life and time (to date) of Rose Namajunas, Pat Barry and their journey.

Unknown to most of us was just how bad things were going for Rose and Pat. On the face of things, they were just like every other athlete trying to make their way in the sport. But behind the scenes, Pat was struggling with alcohol addiction and as well as many personal problems.

So we go behind the scenes and into their lives to see how all this played out in real time. How the pair went from wannabes to two of the biggest names in the sport of mixed martial arts. It’s a very personal journey into the lives of Thug Rose and Hype or Die, told in one of the most eloquent ways possible.

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80 / 100
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