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Rory Macdonald vs. Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson – Highlights

Rory MacDonald vs Stephen Thompson Fight Highlights

Top UFC welterweights Rory Macdonald vs. Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson highlights. Alright, everyone…..if I do this again before you ask a question, read the others and thumb up which may fall in line with yours. I had 60+ comments and only a few with any thumbs up, so it was next to impossible to pick questions in any diplomatic way.

Both Rory MacDonald and Wonderboy are two of the very best to ever do it in the sport. And to see both men finally facing off inside the UFC octagon is a pleasure to watch. With both fighters being top contenders at 170 lbs, this fight will decide plenty in the welterweight division.

Also, one question-ish. Some asked 7 or 8, and furthermore, I’m seeing a trend of “Can you…” at an alarming rate lately. I’m going to do what I do, you guys and few gals should know this by now. If I missed a one-line question, and you’re subscribed, put in the comment section, and thumb up or share the video and I’ll answer in the comments, cheers.

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