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Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm: “Dethroning the Queen” Breakdown / Film Study

Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm KO Breakdown

In what may have been the biggest upset in UFC history with Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm, we certainly had to expect the “knew it all along” crowd. While I had some intuition during weigh-ins, as soon as I saw the difference in movement in the first I knew, like usual that trusting intuition is usually a pretty safe bet. (Twitter @brendandorman for evidence :))

But it’s not so much about who knew what when it’s always much more fascinating seeking “the why?” for me. Here I give a little insight into some of the psychological things I picked up on, that some may dismiss, but I made sure to quote someone who taught me how important relaxation is in martial arts, John Danaher, and a few guest quotes as well.

Of course, I did a healthy dose of technical analysis, but I wanted to give everybody something today, so it’s not as in-depth as some of my more intricate 15-minute epochs. Either way, enjoy this late Sunday insight before the Monday blues feels like impending doom……cheers.

Thanks to AtliganPro for the footage.
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