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Countdown to UFC 184: Ronda Rousey vs. ‘Alpha’ Zingano

Ronda Rousey Faces Alpha  Cat Zingano UFC 184 Countdown

It’s that time again as another big card rolls around. We go behind the scenes in Countdown to UFC 184 as women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey takes on unbeaten challenger Cat Zingano. Long reigning Champion Rousey believes she will retire from the sport without ever suffering a loss. While the ever-resilient Cat Zingano has her own plans to spoil the party and see her own dreams come true.

And with the two having been previously schedule dot meet inside the UFC octagon. This is a fight both have been relishing now for some time. But due to a series of horrific events, Cat Zingano was sidelined from the sport. And now it’s finally time for these two warriors to meet to decide who is the best female bantamweight on the planet.

And as Rousey comes off one of the most devastating performances of her career. Stopping her Candian opponent Alexis Davis in just sixteen-minutes of the very first round. The question now is, how will she fare against the always tough and undefeated Cat Zingano? And as both fighters prepare to go into battle, both are also confident that they will dominate when they finally meet on February 28th at UFC 184.

Rousey vs Zingano Inside the Camps

We go inside the camps of both fighters as they prepare for their long-overdue meeting. And look back at exactly how we came to this point. With an undefeated challenger hungry to show the world what she can do. And become recognised as the best 135 lb female fighter on the planet in the process.

But the champion is in no hurry to hand over her title. And with her eyes firmly set, believes that she will retire from the sport undefeated. Which will be no mean feat with a growing list of challengers to her crown. So will Zingano be the one to bring it all tumbling down?

After being through so much in the past few years. From her injury to the suicide of her husband Mauricio, Cat truly has been through hell and back. So for her, this fight is all about moving forward both in life and in the sport. It’s a fight she has to win for herself and for her deceased husband.

With so much emotion and pent up expectations. This is sure to be another exciting night of action in the won’s bantamweight division. Will we see a new champion having that UFC gold strapped around their waist? Or will it be another night of easy work for the dominant champion? Let’s watch Countdown to UFC 184 Rousey vs Zingano to find out more.

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