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Ronald Dlamini’s Story: THE BLIND MMA FIGHTER

Blind MMA fighter Ronald Dlamini

Back in 2009, Ronald Dlamini became the first black South African MMA champion. After winning the countries welterweight title. Back then the sport in the country was dominated by white fighters. And Dlamini’s style earned him the nickname, The Black Mamba.

But in 2012, his life changed. When after a fight in New Zealand Ronald was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with meningitis. The South African was in a coma for 10 days and when he finally awoke. He discovered that he was completely blind. Of course, this was an unbelievably difficult situation for the professional athlete, but he never gave up.

Designing a Self-defence Programme For Blind People

Being a fighter Ronald Dlamini immediately decided to return the cage and continue his career training beginners and fighters. Along with his determination to continue in the sport. He also developed a self-defence programme for people who are visually impaired. After meeting several victims of crime, Ronald realised that he had to teach other visually impaired people how to protect themselves and how to fight back.

Designing a complete programme specifically based around Mixed Martial Arts. Believing that it is the perfect sport for visually impaired people to learn easily because there is so much visual contact.

Ronald goes on to say how the greatest champions have been knocked out in their lives. But it is very important how you come back. Adding that he doesn’t think we know what we are capable of until our limits are tested.

A truly inspiring story of a man who has been through so much. To come out the other side of such a traumatic experience with such a positive outlook on life. And to go on to help others in a similar situation, gain a better and safer quality of life. Truly inspirational.

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