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Rolling with Miesha Tate, Dan Bilzerian and Some Deadly Kicks

Rolling with Miesha Tate and Cowboy Cerrone

Lightweight UFC fighter Cowboy Cerrone dropped in on good friend Miesha Tate at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas. For a quick workout with his coach Henry and some grappling with the women’s UFC bantamweight and former Strikeforce fighter Miesha Tate.

Later on in the vlog, Cerrone and team joke about Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov internet trolls. And their unwavering and often over the top support for their fighter. As well as Dan Bilzerian working out, what does that look like? Yet again Cerrone is back on the road for another road trip back to the BMF ranch in Albuquerque.

Not a dull day goes by in the life of Cowboy who is determined to live every second of his time on this plant to the maximum. Cerrone rolling with Miesha Tate shows just how high level the former women’s bantamweight champion truly is. Never afraid to roll with the bigger opponents. What does the future hold for Tate who now sits in second place in the UFC rankings?

We will follow cowboy as he continues him travelling exploits going to and from his fights. Always entertaining, always 100% cowboy.

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