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Rocky Marciano Was A Savage (49 – 0) Undefeated

Rocky Marciano Was A Savage Boxer

As we look forward to this coming weekends boxing spectacular. We are reminded on so many occasions that the great Floyd Mayweather’s 49 – 0 record. A feat only ever equalled by one other man in boxing. Legendary heavyweight Rocky Marciano. When Marciano finally stepped away from the sport, with a perfect record consisting of 0 losses. And 43 of his 49 wins coming by way of knockout. Many believed it was a record that would never be broken.

The iron chinned Italian American was known for his relentless fighting style and unbelievable stamina. Defending his title a total of 6 times. Marciano’s win to KO ratio of 87.75, remains one of the highest in heavyweight boxing history. Holding the Ring and World heavyweight title from 1954. Defending them a total of 6 times before retiring from the sport undefeated.

Known for his swarming constant pressure. Rocky will always be remembered as a fighter who often simply overwhelmed his opponents. After entering the sport late in his life and with very few amateur fights. His style was sometimes referred to as brawling. Some say this was down to his lack of amateur experience. Having turned pro after only 12 fights. 8 of which he won, with 4 losses, very few by any standards.

In 1952 with 42 wins inside the ring under his belt. Marciano fought Jersey Joe Walcott for the heavyweight Championship at the Municipal Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The fight went a total of 13 of the 15 scheduled rounds. As Marciano knocked out the Champion to win the title.

Rocky Balboa

Marciano’s memory was once again revived when the movie Rocky Balboa came to our screens. In which Rocky wants to become the World Champions like his idol Marciano. Something which was reaffirmed later in the movie series. When Balboa gave his son a boxing glove necklace, given to him by his trainer Mickey. Who had received it from the heavyweight champion himself.

Will we see Floyd Mayweather surpass the record set by Marciano when he steps into the ring against MMA star Conor McGregor in Las Vegas? History beckons for both men.

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