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Robert Whittaker Getting Balls Busted By Michael Bisping UFC 213

Robert Whittaker and Michael Bisping Having Some Fun

Number three ranked UFC Middleweight contender Robert Whittaker. Joined the guys at UFC on Fox to discuss his upcoming fight with the number one ranked contender Yoel Romero.

Of course, the Fox desk is manned by none other than Kenny Florian and the current Middleweight champion Michael Bisping. And of course, you know that Bisping is going to take the opportunity to throw some questions at Whittaker, just as he is about to step into the cage.

Whittaker talks about how he is going to deal with the threat that is Romero. He breaks down how its impossible to bring in someone to mimic Romero’s wrestling credentials and fighting style. Something Bisping eluded to himself recently on his own podcast.

Bisping slags off the interim title belt saying that it’s a participation trophy. Pushing the fact that the fight is the co-main to the won’s 135lb title fight between Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko. And who does Whittaker think is a bigger scalp to take, Romero or Bisping? For now, at least he’s only focusing on the challenge ahead!

Bisping Playing Mind Games with Whittaker

Already playing mind games? In typical Bisping fashion, he tells Whittaker to up his confidence and trash-talking game. As they will need to sell their fight if it ever comes about. But Robert is a humble guy. He knows what is ahead of him in the Romero fight. He knows how good he is and that he can always fall back on his wrestling.

The guys finish up the interview with a quick game of roll the dice. For which Robert Whittaker wins a really neat prize? All in good fun, the two middleweights end the show in good spirits. Seems like Robert is in a good place mentally as he faces into the toughest fight of his career at UFC 213.

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