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Robert whittaker Will KO Yoel Romero says Michael Bisping

Robert Whittaker Will Stop Yoel Romero

Michael Bisping believes that Yoel Romero’s wild punching style will leave him open to counter striking. And he thinks that Robert Whittaker will be able to pick him apart as the fight goes on. This is what he assumes Whittaker will do, as he won’t look to take the fight to the floor.

“Yoel is going to start strong, he’ll look to land bombs. He’ll look to get a takedown. Problem is he swings wildly. He’s not an accurate striker. He’s not a polished striker, he’s a wrestler with insane power. With that insane power, you can get a lot of knockouts, of course, you can. And he’s capable of throwing kicks or throwing a flying knee and getting a knockout.“

Chris Weidman, Derek Brunson, they all tried to wrestle against Romero. Bisping believes that they try this to tire him out and make him a sitting duck. Another reason he believes is because they are pooping their pants. Afraid of being knocked out by the powerful Romero. It’s a lot less daunting if you have your hands on him.

But they are not going to outwrestle and Olympic wrestler. You might lose the wrestling exchange but you’re not going to get your head knocked off your shoulders.

Bisping believes that s the fight progresses and Yoel gets more tired. That is when Whittaker will strike and take him out! OR! Romeo’s knocks his head clean off!

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