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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

Robert Whittaker the Fighter to Beat Yoel Romero Says Frank Mir

Frank Mire breaks down Romero vs Whittaker

The former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir breaks down this weekend’s middleweight matchup. Between wrestling phenom Yoel Romero and Robert Whittaker. Frank admits from the get-go that he’s somewhat biased toward Romero. As his own dad came from Cuba! But Frank goes on to say that if he were to design a guy who could beat Yoel. It would be a fighter like Whittaker.

Romero’s game, first and foremost wrestling, Olympic calibre wrestling. It’s something he relies on a lot and it gets him out of all kinds of trouble in his fights. That and of course unbelievable explosiveness. That ability to end a fight at any time if he catches you with punch or knee.

But Mir believes that Whittaker has the antidote and that with his distance and great striking he can get the win. Another interesting fact the guys elude to is the wrestling takedown defence of Robert Whittaker, the highest in the division. So many variables, but Rob is a fast starter. While Romero has a tendency to come on in the later rounds. Such a well-matched Middleweight fight for the UFC Interim belt on the line.

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