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Robbie Lawler vs Rory MacDonald UFC 189

Lawler vs MacDonald UFC 189 Full Fight

Remember this instant classic which resulted in tonnes of MMA meme’s following their epic bout. As “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler earned a fifth-round UFC knockout victory. Against number one contender Rory McDonald at UFC 189. Lawler looks to defend his Welterweight title against fellow ATT fighter Tyron Woodley at UFC 201 in Atlanta, Georgia on July 30th.

Can we expect Woodley to bring the reigning champion somewhere he hasn’t already been in their welterweight matchup? Lawler vs MacDonald was a fight for the ages in which both men put on a display of heart, leaving fans agast! Taking a massive toll on both men, it was the kind of fight that shortens a fighter’s career.

Lawler vs MacDonald Round One

In what was a back and forth war, which saw both fighters giving and taking plenty of punishment. Both fighters were bloodied relatively early on in the fight. Rory MacDonald managed to land a beautiful elbow which had Lawler reeling as the bell sounded for the end of round one.

Rory Is Badly Injured

When the fight continued, it was Robbie who went on the offensive. Blasting the challenger with some thunderous shots and breaking his nose badly. As the fight progressed it turned into an animalistic dog fight, where both men had to dig deep into their souls. At one point at the end of the round, they both stared each other down before being separated by referee John Mccarthy. Leading to one of the most iconic images from the sport of mixed martial arts.

Final Round

When the fight resumed the blood had been cleared from both fighters faces, but the damage remained. As his nose was now badly broken, Rory’s face now looked quite different. With both corners imploring their fighter to give it everything they have in the final round. Both men came out looking to seal the deal. But at just one minute in, Lawler landed a combination that sent MacDonald to the ground in a crumpled mess. As the referee called off the fight with Robbie Lawler raising his hands in celebration.

Let’s relive the action in this epic battle of will and toughness, that eventually would see one fighter collapse. Referee Big John McCarthy commented that this one if not the greatest fights he had ever had the pleasure to adjudicate. A classic in every send of the word and one we will be looking back to for many years to come.

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