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Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit full fight

Robbie Lawler Against Carlos Condit UFC 195

The UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler faces challenger Carlos Condit at UFC 195. As two of the most seasoned and dangerous fighters in the sport go head to head for the 170 lb title. With Lawler coming off his instant classic fight against Rory MacDonald. A fight in which he showed his true championship spirit and why he currently holds the belt.

But in Carlos The Natural Born Killer Condit he faces an equally dangerous opponent. As the former WEC welterweight champion looks to claim his first title in the UFC. And with many believing, he has all the ability and experience in the world to bring the fight to the champion. Everything was lining up just right for this to be a special fight.

Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit Round One

And from the instant, the pair stared each other down and touched gloves at the centre of the octagon, we knew we were in for a great fight. As when referee Big John McCarthy instructs the fighters to get it on. Robbie immediateçly takes the centre of the octagon. As Carlos circles on the outside, extending his jab and using some kicks to keep the champion busy.

But its not long before Robbie Lawler presses forward and lands some punches to Condit who is on the back foot. But almost immediately the challenger leaps in and lands what looks like a left hand or elbow, sending Robbie to the canvas. Although quickly back to his feet, it’s obvious it was a clean shot that rocked the champion.

Round Two

Carlos Condit is looking good as he mixes up the kicks and punches, keeping Lawler guessing and on his bicycle. But o to be outdone, Robbie is landing his own combinations. All be it not as regularly as Carlos is the busier fighter. But the champion is the one to land a hard shot that drops Condit to the ground, as he follows up to try and seal the deal.

However, Robbie is not happy to stay on the canvas and beacons Carlos back to his feet to continue proceedings. And so the pair continue to engage on the feet with Carlos continuing to pepper Lawler with his combinations.

Round Three

As round three kicks in we can see that the champion is now moving into a higher gear. With Condit leading in terms of shots landed, Lawler makes it a point to start pressuring more. As we see the familiar style we have come to love finally rearing its head. With Carlos once again stepping in, he gets caught with a sharp elbow.

And Robbie is now starting to look more comfortable, as he stalks his opponent while looking to land that big shot. And with both guys landing some decent shots, Carlos still holds the advantage in terms of volume. But it’s still anyone’s fight as the clock ticks down to the end of the round.

Round Four

Heading in the fourth and Robbie’s corner has told him he needs the next two rounds. And with that, he comes out looking like a man on a mission. And Condit responds, keeping him at distance, using kicks and long punches to score and not get hit. Landing a nice inside leg kick that briefly puts Robbie on the mat.

But the champion is quickly back to his feet and pressing the action. As he recognises it’s now imperative that he gets the momentum behind him. But Carlos is not giving an inch and hits back with his own barrage that stuns Lawler. Putting his back to the cage and looking as though he is losing this round in a big way.

Round Five

It’s the fifth and final round and the champion is now well aware that he most likely needs to win this round big. And coming out looking like a man possessed he immediately he goes after the challenger. Swinging wildly and managing to land some hard shots. But Carlos is no punching bag and fires back with his own combinations.

As the pair go to war in the middle of the octagon. With Robbie firing on all cylinders, Carlos is mixing it up beautifully. And now the pair are throwing everything they have at this contest. With both guys bloodied up, Robbie Lawler lands a series of rights and lefts, staggering Condit backwards.

Now bleeding badly, Condit looks super wobbly on his feet. But Robbie is fading, having given Carlos his best shots, The Natural Born Killer is still in the fight. With the two men now staggering around with almost nothing left to give. The final bell cannot come too soon, as the fight ends in the flurry. With the final split decision being handed to the champion.


85 / 100
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