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Rico Verhoeven vs. Badr Hari SUPER INTENSE Staredown GLORy Collision

Rico Verhoeven And Badr Hari Staredown

The two fighters in this weekends kickboxing super fight¬†finally square off. As Glory heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven looks to defend his crown against one of the all-time greats, Bad Boy Badr Hari. Although the two had sat across from each other in media conferences. This is the first time they have faced off in a staredown. If this is anything to go by it’s sure to be one heck of a scrap.

Verhoeven was the first onsite for this epic encounter, with a strong contingent of Hari fans in the house. Hari arrived at the venue with his entourage, ready to go, with only the Glory heavyweight champion on his mind.

In a fight which is very much seen as Oldschool vs new school. Following what can only be described as a rocky few years, Hari is looking to reclaim his greatness of yesteryear. But the Dutch Moroccan phenom has to overcome the huge obstacle that is Verhoven in order to find his place on the kickboxing landscape.

The Most Feared Kickboxer

Can Hari reel back the years to a time when he was the most feared kickboxer on the planet. Having beaten all the biggest names of his generation, Badr fell from grace and now looks to show the world once again who is the king of kickboxing. However, Rico Verhoeven is a proven heavyweight of the highest calibre and will look to impose himself over the former K1 champion.

With neither men showing any signs of weakness in their faceoff. The event became a battle of wills as neither man was willing to step down or looks away. With Hari visibly emotional, Rico zoned out with a cold icy stare in what was very much a clash of demeanours.

It will be a fascinating fight when these two finally step into the ring for their long-awaited clash. And in the end, who will win out? We find out at Glory 36: Collision Dec 10th, don’t miss it!

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