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Rico Verhoeven vs Badr Hari: COUNTDOWN TO GLORY: COLLISION

Rico Verhoeven vs Badr Hari 1 Countdown Show

The two biggest names in kickboxing will finally throw down on December 10 when reigning GLORY heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven faces off with the controversial Badr Hari. In what is sure to be one of the biggest kickboxing fights in recent memory. The current champion will look to put an end to the old guard that is  Badr Hari.

Rico Verhoeven is determined to show that he is the very best kickboxer on the planet. And he feels that by beating the former K-1 champion he will do exactly just that. In a special Pay-Per-View event presented by UFC.tv, the heavyweight dream match that has been three years in the making will finally become a reality.

We follow two of the biggest kickboxing names on the planet as they collide in what’s sure to be an epic matchup. As the former and current kings of standup go toe to toe to prove who is the best of this generation. And the former K-1 champion Badr has his own point to prove as he feels Verhoeven is a fighter not on his level. 

We hear from both men as they prepare the face-off. And get to see their first press conference, where Badr walks out of the building. So there was some bad blood in the air before this fight, as Hari claimed Rico was still using pads and headgear. While he was a huge name in Japan knocking out some of the sports biggest names.

Rico believes that now is his time and that it won’t be a boring fight. He talks about how Badr has said multiple times that he hates his opponents and how he goes into the ring to hurt them.

“I’m an emotional guy,  Iike to fight, I like to hurt people” – Badr hari

But Badr is just happy to be back on the big stage and facing a big name in Rico Verhoeven. And soon he will get his opportunity to take on and defeat the fighter many believe is his kryptonite. 

It’s anyone’s fight s two of the very bets finally face off at Glory Collision. For the heavyweight championship of the world. Will it be the old school or new school who wins the day. Let’s wait and watch to find out.

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