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Renan Barao sparring Featherweight champion Jose Aldo Junior

Renan Barao sparring Jose Aldo training to face Frankie Edgar

Some old footage of Renan Barao sparring against Jose Aldo at team Nova Uniao in Brazil. In his preparation to take on Frankie Edgar in a match which he would go on to dominate in a unanimous decision victory. Widely recognised as two of the pound for pound fighters in the sport of mixed martial arts. For many years the country of Brazil and its fighters dominated MMA.

We have to remember that MMA is the next evolution of Vale Tudo or anything goes, no holds barred fighting. This style of fighting is recognised as starting in Brazil, where it was then later exported to the United States. In the US, under the Gracie family promotion. The sport came under the banner of the Ultimate Fighting championships.

But it was in this environment in which fighters who trained and fought in Brazil. would later begin to make their mark on US shores. And leading the charge for the country was that of Team Nova Uniao. With bantamweight kingpin Renan Barrao, alongside fellow stablemate and featherweight champion Jose Aldo Junior.

Here the pair are sparring in what can only be described as a very small gym. It’s quite unbelievable that such a small gym was able to develop so many great fighters. As we look around the globe at the MMA super gyms, Nova Uniao was able to do everything they could and more, with much less. So let’s enjoy these two going toe to toe training, in what would have been an excellent fight for the octagon.

It is just a pity now that both of these fighters have since slipped. As the domination in their respective divisions went, so did the fate of their team. But at least we can look back on some of this quality footage from when they were at their peak. 

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