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Nick Diaz – what I need To Portray To My Adversaries

Who Is The Real Nick Diaz?

Few people can deny that Nickolas Robert Diaz, aka Nick Diaz, is not one of the most fascinating figures in the sport of mixed martial arts. Born in Stockton California, a place where some thirty-seven years later he still calls home. He is the former Strikeforce welterweight champion and a top contender in the UFC, who challenged Georges St Pierre for his 170 lb title.

Outside of the success, he has achieved in the sport. Nick has struggled with a range of issues both personal and directly tied to his career as a professional fighter.

Growing up in a high crime, low-income city like Stockton. He struggled to avoid being assimilated into local gang culture. And instead decided to dedicate his time to his growing love for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and later that of MMA. With God-given natural ability, where Nick had struggled in school, he would excel in the arena of unarmed combat.

On reflection, his record doesn’t necessarily stand out as one of the sport’s greats. But it is his on occasion undeniable performances and unique personality to which so many fans have gravitated.

Loved by many and it has to be said over the years, equally feared and hated by others. Like a fine wine, his allure and candour have slowly but surely turned most into fans. Where once he was misunderstood and maligned. Today, Nick Diaz stands tall as one of the most beloved fighters to ever grace the sport.

Losing It All

His love of all things Marijuana is of course no secret. And unfortunately for Nick, yet another violation of the rules pertaining to its use during active competition. Would in 2015, see him being suspended for five years from the sport, during a period in his life when as a professional athlete Nick would be reaching his peak.

But despite him not having fought professionally since facing Anderson Silva in 2015. Nick Diaz still remains one of the most talked-about fighters in the sport. Remaining in the public eye vicariously through his younger brother Nate who during the same periods popularity exploded. Nate’s role as one of the foot soldiers in the Nick Diaz Army has ensured his brothe is never far from people’s minds.

The Return of Nick Diaz

But fast approaching thirty-eight years of age and with rumblings of a return to form in the gym. Could we be looking at a possible return to fighting in the near future? With social media posts showing an in shape Nick who has finally kicked the booze. Will one of MMA’s most beloved fighters be making a timely return to the sport, which needs people like him to add that extra bit of magic?

With a bulging roster of vanilla milk toast personalities. It’s people of his ilk who garner eyeballs and draw peoples interest back into the game. And despite the cries of wolf tickets, even Nick Diaz himself no doubt realises just how much the sport misses his presence. Having him along with many other big names out of the picture. MMA is lacking so many of the characters which have helped to develop it into what it is today.

So will he finally make the decision to once again don those 4oz gloves and climb back inside the UFC octagon, we can only hope. Especially for those relatively new fans who did not get to enjoy watching him perform live on his stage.

It may not be something he likes to do. But it is something he is exceptionally good at doing. And as fans of both him and the sport, we can only hope that we once again get to see him do his thing, if only one last time.


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