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In a fight which many believed Chuck Liddell would win quite handily. He faced the previous two-time UFC heavyweight champion, Randy Couture, in their first fight at UFC 43 Meltdown.

Chuck was already a fan favourite and in Couture, he saw a stiff yet beatable opponent. Randy was now thirty-nine years of age and still competing at the very top of the sport. Having beaten some of the biggest names in the sport, Couture had left the UFC and been fighting overseas. And going into his title fight against Liddell had lost his previous two matches.

And with Chuck on a roll, beating everyone he had faced over the previous three years. The Vegas oddsmakers had him taking light heavyweight title home and moving on to face his next opponent Tito Ortiz.

And with a full-on over the top intro by The Mask from the Tapout crew for The Iceman. You could see some people had already mentally moved on to the next fight. But Randy Couture came to win and as always embraced the opportunity to face the best in the world.

Round One

The first round gets underway with Randy Couture pushing forward and trying to pressure Chuck. Randy lands a nice knee and Chuck several punches, but no damage is done. Couture then moves in for a takedown and gets Liddell to the ground.

Liddell Vs Couture 1
Randy Couture lands a right hand on Chuck Liddell

Chuck uses his ability to get back up and once again create some distance. Landing some shots Chuck manages to keep Couture away, but it’s Randy who appears to be the aggressor. Stalking his opponent and landing his own punches as he follows Liddell around the octagon.

Randy manages to get Chuck down again, but with his cat-like ability to stand up. Liddell once again climbs to his feet, without receiving any real damage.

Round Two

It’s time for round two and Randy Couture comes out swinging, pushing Chuck up against the cage. And he appears to be controlling the striking, as Chuck looks flustered and not quite sure how to handle The Natural.

And Couture continues to pile the pressure on as he lands a series of hard punches. Managing to sweep Chuck’s legs in close and once again get him to the ground. And now Liddell looks under pressure, as he takes punishment from Couture.

It takes a little time, but eventually he manages to reverse the position, landing some shots of his own. But the clock counts down as it’s another round for Couture.

Liddell vs Couture Round Three

Round three gets underway and Randy almost immediately lands a beautiful uppercut right on Chuck’s nose. He then follows up with some solid shots as he looks to take command.

And Randy appears to be doing just that as he fires off some more hard shots. Chuck strikes back with his own, but Couture doesn’t seem to take a step back. Staying inside the pocket and keeping the pressure on.

And it is here when Randy sees his opening and once again takes Chuck to the ground. But this time he won’t be getting back up, as Couture mounts and begins to rain down punches on Liddell. It’s not long before John McCarthy has seen enough and call a halt to the action.

As Randy Couture is victorious in his demolition of the favourite. As thirty-nine he becomes the first fighter to win belts in two weight classes. Sealing his position in MMA history as one of the greats of the sport.

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