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Rampage Jackson vs Kevin Randleman in Pride 25

Quinton Rampage Jackson Against Kevin Randleman full fight

Quinton Rampage Jackson takes on a reinvigorated Kevin Randleman in this classic PRIDE Fighting Championships matchup. Entering the fight a very confident Randleman believed he would dispose of Jackson and solidify his place in the title race. Rampage had his own game plan which he believed would ensure the win against his formidable opponent.

Randleman feels that now is his time and any hope of the top 205 lb fighters beating him is a thing of the past. But in Rampage, he faces an ultra-tough opponent, with better striking on the feet. And from the first bell, we can see just how eager both men are to get the fight started. With Randleman looking like a rabid dog just waiting to be let loose.

And once both fighters get a hold of one another we can see that there is all but a stalemate in the clinch. With both being equally strong, neither is able to take the other down. Resulting in the referee stepping in to separate them and so they can reengage in their standup.

Randleman’s Takedowns Were Not Working

But Kevin Randleman repeatedly goes back to takedown attempts, which Rampage is able to consistently stop. So it’s a game of cat and mouse on the feet, with flashes explosiveness. As each man tries to land some telling blows on his opponent. But always back into the clinch, Jackson continues to land some hard knees to the Randleman’s abdomen.

And we can tell that The Monster is now beginning to look tired. As once again the referee is forced t break the clinch between the two, while also giving both fighters a yellow card. Which seems like a signal for Rampage to up the pace, landing a stiff knee to the head. Followed up by a left and a right hook that sends Kevin to the canvas. As Jackson follows up by gaining mount and landing a series of unanswered blows.

And Rampage Jackson is the winner as he grabs the mic and summarily calls out the current champion Wanderlei Silva. Who quickly jumps into the ring and pushes the Jackson backwards, before they are separated by the officials.

It was a classic between two beasts of the 205 division. With the winner most likely getting a shot at the division champion Wanderlei Silva. Rampage always joked about wanting to be the only black guy in Pride FC and that Randleman was now stealing some of his thunder. This was his chance for payback as Rampage Jackson looked to move on to even bigger challenges at 205 lbs.

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