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Rafael Dos Anjos vs Nate Diaz: FIGHT NIGHT MEXICO CITY

Rafael Dos Anjos vs Nate Diaz In Mexico

Before winning the belt from Anthony Pettis, Rafael Dos Anjos defeated Nate Diaz by unanimous decision in 2014. Dos Anjos has since gone on to become one of the most feared fighters at lightweight in the UFC. Don’t miss Dos Anjos in the main event against Tony Ferguson at Fight Night Mexico on Nov. 5. But first, here he is against the younger Diaz brother.

Rafael had been lightweight throughout his career and really has seemed to get better and better. and throughout this fight, we can see those improvements on display. As Dos Anjos landed a series of brutal leg kicks, on a fighter who is not known for his kicking games. It was an attempt by the Brazilian to take away the base of Diaz and slow down his boxing game.

In a huge first round, Rafael proceeded to pulverise both Nate’s lead leg. And then when he took him to the ground, he utilised his vicious ground and pound. And then leading into the second round, as the fight progressed. Dos Anjos continued with the same vein of attack, landing multiple unanswered leg kicks. Which very much had Nate on wobbly legs, as Dos Anjos would then switch and go for a high kick.

Heading Into The Final Two Rounds

Leading into the third and final round, Diaz suffered a bad cut over his right eye. And well behind on point at this point, things did not look good for the Stockton fighter. With the doctor keeping an eye on his injury, Nate went into the third needing to stop Rafael Dos Anjos. But it would be the Brazilian who would capitalise on his lead, ending the fight as he did the previous two.

Can he hold on to the title for the foreseeable future or will we see yet another changing of the guard when he steps into the cage against El Cucuy? Ferguson is building his own momentum toward the top of the division. With an eye on taking and holding the title for the foreseeable future. Let’s see how he does against Rafael Dos Anjos in their fight in Mexico

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