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Rafael Dos Anjos vs EDDIE ALVAREZ Full Fight

Rafael Dos Anjos vs EDDIE ALVAREZ UFC Fight Night 90

UFC lightweight champion defends his title against former Bellator champion Eddie Alvarez. Who has entered the UFC back in 2014 at UFC 178, losing to Donald Cerrone in the process. Was now back in contention for the UFC 155 lb title. And up against the champion Rafael Dos Anjos who is making the second defence of his championship.

And in Alvarez, the champion faced a gritty fighter who has most certainly been in some wars. Having lost in his first UFC fight has since gone on to win two fights against former WEC champion Gilbert Melendez and former UFC champion Anthony Pettis. So it hasn’t been an easy road to a title shot for The Underground King. So Dos Anjos knows he is up against a real test in the man from Philadelphia.

Dos Anjos vs Alvarez Round One

And as the round gets underway, it seems like both fighters are eager to engage. As Eddie Alvarez is first to engage, landing a lovely inside leg kick on the champion. The pair are feinting and constantly moving, looking for holes in a search to land a telling blow. And the champion is looking like he wants to land a left hand on Alvarez, as he probes and pumps out his punches.

But Rafael is not content to only rely on his hands, as he pushes forward, landing his own inside leg kick. And the champion looks to be getting comfortable as he pushes Eddie Alvarez backwards. Forcing him to slip to the side to try and avoid that straight left-hand punch.

And as the fight begins to warm up, so too it seems does the champion. Now working his left more he connects a number of times, letting Alvarez know he is in a fight. But Eddie isn’t too keen to sit back and eat punches, waiting for the right time he shoots in and gets things to the mat.

But after a scramble, it’s the champion who reverses and ends up on top. Grabbing Eddie in a head and arm lock, but is unable to secure it before the pair pop back up to their feet, as the champion lands a solid knee on the break. nd the pair reengage on the feet, with Dos Anjos now pushing the action.

He forces Alvarez back toward he cage wall and shoots in for his very own takedown. However, Eddie is showing some great takedown defence and Rafael isn’t willing to waste either his energy or momentum. With Eddie managing to break free they separate, he creates some space, only for the champion to land a high kick to the head.

Dos Anjos On The Back Foot

But it’s Alvarez who fires back with a huge right hand that catches the champion right on the temple. And as he staggers backwards, Alvarez follows up, firing off a barrage of punches. The champion staggers backwards, barely to stay on his feet, as Eddie decides to try and land a flying knee.

However, the two end up on the ground, as Dos Anjos still looks rocked and is now absorbing a lot of shots. They get back to their feet as Eddie unleashes hell on the champion. With uppercuts and combinations, he sends Dos Anjos swaying from left to right, as he recoils from the impacts. And it’s just all too much as referee Herb Dean steps in and calls a stop to the action.

Signalling the end of the fight and the crowning of a new UFC lightweight champion of the world. As Eddie Alvarez fulfils his dream to become a two promotion champion and one of the most successful 155 lb fighters on the planet.


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