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Rafael Dos Anjos vs Cowboy Cerrone 2 Full Fight


The lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos defends his title against Donald Cowboy Cerrone UFC on Fox 17. In what would be just his first title defence, Dos Anjos looked to stamp his authority on the division with a solid win over the seasoned Cerrone.

Shorter in height with a smaller reach than his opponent, the champion would still look to bully his challenger. And it’s a style of fighting which we had already seen in his fight against Anthony Pettis for the title.

Would the Brazilian be able to once again impose his will and make the fight his? Or having failed so many times before, would this be the time that Donald Cerrone was finally able to exorcise his past demons. Taking the UFC lightweight title and confirming himself as one of the top 155 lb fighters on the planet.

Dos Anjos vs Cerrone Round One

And with a mutual show of respect and touching of the gloves. Dos Anjos and Cerrone retreat to their corner in preparation for the beginning of the fight. With both men eager to get the fight underway, how will their first few interactions play out?

And as the buzzer sounds, both take the centre of the octagon and begin to circle. Dos Anjos is the first to engage, throwing a teep kick to Cerrone’s midsection and pushing him back.

And this is something Donald has to be cognisant of, meaning that he is known to be a slow starter. But against some like Rafael Dos Anjos, he won’t have time to get into the fight. And is already finding himself begin to put on the back foot.

As Rafael lands a stiff straight left to the face of Cerrone. Forcing him to reset and prepare for the inevitable follow up the barrage. But Cowboys kicks may be enough to at least slow down the champion’s progress?

With both now engaging Dos Anjos lands yet another telling blow. Forcing the challenger to circle away and create some distance. But the champion keeps pressing forward and lands some more solid strikes.

And now the pair clinch, with Rafael landing a nice knee to the body on the inside. Followed up by a hard kick to the body that looks to have winded Cowboy. With Donald now backing up the champion pushes forward and continues to pour on the pressure.

With Cerrone now turtling up against the cage, Rafael continues his assault. Throwing repeated combinations and forcing Cerrone to the ground. where once again he gets into the fetal position as Dos Anjos purs on the pressure.

And it’s not too long before the referee Herb Dean has seen enough. Jumping in to signal an end to the contest and a super solid victory by the newly crowned lightweight champion.

A great start to the Brazilians reign of the division. But with many worthwhile adversaries waiting in the wings. Will he be able to keep this show on the road and continue as the UFC lightweight champion of the world.


81 / 100
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