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Punchers Are Born Not Made? A Film Study


Just like God loves a trier and Jesus loves knockouts, or at least that is what quite a famous name in the world of mixed martial arts once said. But are punchers born or are they made? Well, in truth it may be a little bit of both, leaning more to the conclusion that punchers are born. While at the same time, punching power can always be improved upon.

What exactly goes into making a great puncher? You have the very physical attributes that can range anywhere from those who use brute strength. To the fighters who’s physiology, how their body is constructed, which makes them a hard puncher. On some occasions, it may even be a combination of all the above. But what does Brendan Dorman think?

“Are you born with the frame and or physicality to have punching power. Or is it something that you have because you have developed it over time via training via whatever. So in my life experience, some research will ultimately my opinion punchers are born, mostly.”


What MAkes a Hard Puncher?

And putting aside for a moment the methods some have used to gain said power and not always in the most natural of ways. What are the elements involved which make a great puncher? If a fighter isn’t naturally gifted in that department, what can they do, what do they do?

“There are ways to increase power, of course, but you have to be gifted to pull it off.”


We get taken on a journey through a smorgasbord of fighters from several disciplines. People who range massively in their physicality, yet all possess that one innate ability. The power to knock someone out with a single punch.

From rising UFC fighter “Suga” Sean O’Malley, to legendary power puncher, boxer Julian “The Hawk” Jackson. Outside of going full deep dive science channel stylee. What ties all of these knockout artists together? It’s what some might call a God-given ability to separate another human being from their senses with a single punch.

And what Brendan Dorman seeks to do is create a mosaic that brings together all of the elements involved. Giving us his take on what he believes gives someone this often unassuming ability to get the knockout. So let’s follow along and fill our boots with some high-level striking analysis. And see by the end of it all we have a clearer understanding of why some have it, while others do not. Let’s dig in.

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