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Sad Story of Prichard Colon: A Fighter Who was Left in a Persistent Vegetative State

Boxer Prichard Colon in a Vegetative State

How one boxing match changed the life of Prichard Colon. This short documentary piece from Outside the Lines tells the story of an up and coming prospect Prichard Colon. Who following a fight in 2015 was left brain damaged and in a constant vegetative state.

His head, raised by pillows on top of a hospital bed. Comes to the mid-section of his depiction on a fringed, life-sized tapestry hanging on a wall of diagonal wood panelling. He’s shown in a fighter’s stance, and above that, victorious, with arms raised.

In terms of boxing, he appeared to have the skill and determination to fulfil his dreams. Which he first expressed as a little boy. Now he lays here as a testament to the peril that accompanies prizefighting promise.

“He always knew what he wanted in life — he’d say, ‘Mommy, I want to be a professional boxer, and I want to represent Puerto Rico, and I want to be a world champion,'” said Nieves Colon of when her son was in elementary school.

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