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Petr yan vs Urijah Faber full fight video

Petr Yan Against Urijah Faber UFC 245

Russian fighter Petr Yan is a man on the rise and looking to make former WEC champion Urijah Faber his stepping stone. Faber is one of the sport’s trailblazers and has set the bar for many others to follow. But after retiring in 2016, we thought that was the last of the California kid.

But no, Urijah made a comeback in July 2019 and was now looking to capitalise and take out one of the divisions rising stars in Yan. And with a fourteen year age difference and a seven-fight win streak to his disadvantage. This was never going to be an easy task!

And the fight started with a confident-looking and patient Yan stalking Faber, as he controlled the centre of the octagon. Faber looked tentative and in the words of Daniel Cormier was giving too much away when reacting to feints.

It seemed for all the world that Yan was the guy dictating where the fight would take place. While Faber was simply reacting to the pressure being exerted by his opponent. Yan continued to be patient throughout the first, appearing to be figuring out his Urijah’s timing and movements. Building a picture and forging a gameplan for the rounds to come.

Yan vs Faber The Second Round

And going into the second, Petr Yan began to turn up the pressure. No longer seeking to just push Faber back, now he was going on the offensive and landing heavily. But Urijah Faber was not a champion for no reason. Durable and cage savvy, Faber had his own tricks up his sleeve to try and keep his Russian opponent at bay. And as the Californian probed, Yan retaliated with his own weapons, which appeared more powerful.

Then just past halfway in the round, Petr landed a hard combination that sent Faber to the ground. Dazed and confused Yan took his back and began to land punches before a bloodied Urijah sprang back to his feet.

Yan continued to pour on the pressure and in the clinch landed a huge right elbow that badly rocked Faber. So much so that the referee paused the fight so the doctor could assess the damage. Which was a nasty mouse and cut on Faber’s right eye. Not enough to stop the fight, so the ceremonies continued, as did the punishment Yan was now inflicting.

Final Round

As both men answered the call, the momentum was now heavily favouring Petr Yan. While still in the fight, Urijah Faber was now blood-soaked and bruised from the encounter. And as Yan continued to apply even more pressure. It wasn’t going to be very long before something definitive would happen.

Then at forty seconds in, Yan landed a head kick from close range that put Faber on his back and out of the fight. A dazzling knockout from the dominating Russian who will now face Jose Aldo Junior at UFC 215. To find out who will be crowned the newest King at 135 lbs.

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