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Petr Yan vs Jose Aldo UFC 251 Full Fight Breakdown w/Brendan Dorman

Recently at UFC 215, relative newcomer on the UFC block Petr Yan 15 – 1 stepped in against many people’s pound for pound, former featherweight king Jose Aldo Junior. As the pair contested the bantamweight title left vacant by the unexpected retirement of one Henry Cejudo.

The pair were relatively familiar with one another, as Jose had drafted Yan in to help in his preparation for his rematch with Frankie Edgar at UFC 200. A session in which according to coach Eduardo Dantes, Jose Aldo bested Yan.

Roll on four years and a hell of a lot has happened in both men’s careers. Yan is now six fights deep into his UFC tenure, while Jose is no longer a champion and has lost five of his last seven fights.

So clearly Aldo’s career has been on the wane, while Petr seems for all intent and purposes a man on a mission. With his recent summarily dispatching of veteran Urijah Faber at UFC 245. Yan has looked like a champion in all but name on his way to face his former Nova Uniao sparring partner.

Yan vs Aldo UFC 251 Analysis

Combat sports analyst Brendan Dorman hits us with his take on what went down when Yan and Aldo met on Fight Island. To decide who is the best fighter in the world at 135 lbs. So what does he think of this matchup?

Petr No Mercy Yan, a prospect I thought had title aspirations and abilities a few years back (some before myself), didn’t just meet the expectations of many who were high on him, he went to the other side of the plate and hit a left-handed home run.


So obviously Yan is someone who has been on the radar for some time. But for many, it wasn’t until his dismantling of Urijah Faber in December 2019. That he established himself as one of the very top contenders in the division. Throw him in against the former featherweight champion on a two-fight losing streak, ladies and gentlemen we have a fight!

Brendan breaks down what exactly happened and how Yan went about claiming his very own UFC strap. What makes the Russian fighter unique and how Aldo tried to counter his best to counter that style. He gives us the nuances in a delicious serving of fight knowledge, topped with copious amounts of, did you see that! Which honestly most others will have completely missed. And why No Mercy will be a tough test and hard to beat champion.

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