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Paulie Malignaggi Spilling the Beans on Conor McGregor Camp

Paulie Malignaggi Talks Conor McGregor Camp Insight

Former sparring partner in the Conor McGregor camp Paulie Malignaggi has decided to tell the World about life inside the camp. Following the release of images released by the camp which were taken by their in house photographer. Showing Malignaggi hitting the deck. Paulie left the camp after deciding that the McGregor people were not being honest with the public. When in fact he was not knocked down but pushed.

Now Paulie is taking to the airwaves and TV to give his side of the story. And here on SportsExtra, he explains what was taking place inside the UFC Performance centre. As well as in the conditions the sparring partners and staff lived under.

Malignaggi says that although Conor knows what he wants to do inside the ring. There are things he has to progress on, but it’s not easy to come along that fast. But Paulie’s problem with Conor is his arrogance is that

“He can’t make progress, he can’t learn, he just wants a bunch of yes men around him. “

Paulie feels that Conor doesn’t want to be told he’s doing things wrong. Or what he needs to change to make progress. And that he just wants to be told how great he is doing.

Paulie says that he is was not going to talk about the details of what happened inside the camp. Even if he had knocked down McGregor, he wouldn’t have talked about it. But their camp releasing their images forced him to make a decision. Paulie says that he hasn’t spoken with Conor. And even in camp, it was quite sporadic.

Paulie also wasn’t happy about how the sparring partners are being treated inside the camp. For a 100 million fight, he thinks that the facilities should be better. While Conor drives around in his Lamborghini. The guys are living in mediocre conditions. Not the done thing for a million-dollar fight in Paulie’s eyes.

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