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Official UFC Contract with New South Wales, Australia, Announced by Dana White

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UFC President Dana White recently made a major announcement that has sent waves of excitement through the MMA community. The announcement concerns the return of the Ultimate Fighting Championship to Sydney, Australia, for an upcoming pay-per-view event, UFC 293, set to take place on September 9 (September 10 in Sydney) of 2023. This highly anticipated event will mark the first time the UFC has held a live event in Sydney since 2017, making it a momentous occasion for fight fans in the region.

What makes this announcement even more significant is the long-term partnership between the UFC and the New South Wales government. As part of the deal, the UFC has committed to hosting three more pay-per-view events in Sydney over the next four years, cementing the city’s position as a premier destination for world-class MMA action. This partnership not only brings exciting fights to Sydney but also brings economic benefits to the region, as major sporting events tend to attract tourism and stimulate the local economy.

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The upcoming UFC 293 event in Sydney follows another highly successful UFC event in Australia earlier in 2023. UFC 284 took place in Perth, Western Australia, marking the promotion’s return to the country after a two-year absence. The event was met with great enthusiasm from fans, showcasing the continued growth and popularity of MMA in Australia. With UFC 293 now heading to Sydney, fight fans across the country are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to witness the action-packed bouts that the UFC is renowned for.

In expressing his appreciation, Dana White thanked the New South Wales government, Premier Chris Minns, and the team at Destination New South Wales for their invaluable support in making these events possible. Their collaboration and commitment to bringing world-class combat sports to Sydney have not gone unnoticed, and their efforts are instrumental in shaping the thriving MMA scene in the region.

The announcement of UFC 293 and the long-term partnership between the UFC and the New South Wales government have sparked a renewed sense of anticipation and excitement among MMA enthusiasts in Australia. The return of the UFC to Sydney and the promise of more high-profile events over the next four years are testaments to the country’s growing significance as a global hub for combat sports.

As the date for UFC 293 draws near, fight fans in Sydney and beyond eagerly await the lineup of thrilling matchups that will grace the Octagon. The event promises to be a memorable night of intense competition, featuring some of the world’s most skilled and exciting fighters.

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