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Norman Parke on Fighting Sickness & Brazilians

Norman Parke Pre Fight Interview Before UFC Condit vs Alves

Norman Parke faces Francisco Trinaldo this weekend at UFC Fight Night Condit vs. Alves. Coming off his first loss since joining the UFC in 2012, we wanted to hear from the man himself about that as well as his preparation for this next fight back in Brazil. How he deals with the now-infamous Brazilian fans. And what we can expect as he looks to once again get his name back in the win column.

So how have things been with you since the Tibau fight?

Aye man, training’s been going good, just finished off a nice pad session there with my boxing coach. I’m feeling good and sharp, the weight’s bang on point and we fly out tomorrow, so happy days. Go out there get some nice coconut water, real coconut water, straight from the tree.

You were a bit browned off with people on social media after the Tibau fight, you were sick for that fight correct?

Aye, this time before my last fight I was lying in bed for six full days. Taking into consideration I’m going to be cutting a lot of weight the following week. My body is going to be messed up and then I’ve got to fight the biggest fight of my life. So I’ve got green flem coming out of my chest, lying in bed shivering cold. And I was like, feck man no. I do know, there were that many things going through my mind at the time.

Not Feeling Too Well Come Fight Week

Come Saturday I was like, I don’t know man, I’m not feeling too well. He says just rest up anyway, so I just rested up the whole week. And then I came around a bit so I contacted the UFC doctors to see if they can get me an IV once I got there on Monday or Tuesday. But they said no, they can’t get a doctor to do that in Boston. If it was in Las Vegas no problem, but they couldn’t do in Boston for some reason.

Norman Parke Weighs In At Ufc 182.I was like feck it, just go and fight. I was going to text Joe Silva, can we move the fight to another card or something and then I just said Nah! Because I had already pulled out of a fight with Sanchez and I thought, just go and do your best really. And then that was it. But don’t get me wrong, once it became fight week, I felt fine you know.

I won’t mention any names but I got another IV done and it all messed up. It all messed up man. So I’m lying there still dehydrated 6 hours after weigh-ins. It was just them things there kinda came into play and I felt it, I felt it in the second round. An exchange in the second round, I felt heavy arms, heavy breathing and I thought this is not really me.

The Last Couple Weeks Really Affected My Camp

So it had to have been those last couple weeks, it has to have been. It really came into play because I know I can push much harder than that and that’s what it is. I know this time around everything on point. My weight is perfect, I’m feeling healthy, plus I got Eric from Alliance who’s going to be over there to do my IV, so I’d be re-hydrated straight after.

And that’s it you know, at that level, these things come into play. Things going right beforehand, them fights beforehand and then that happens. It seems like it just wasn’t meant to be.

Did the change of opponent affect your preparations much for this fight?

No no, not much really. I know I was meant to fight that jujitsu guy but this guy here is more well rounded. I know he’s probably coming to the end of his career, but he’s coming to fight and I’m coming to fight and it’s going to be a great one.

I’m not really worried about, to be honest, I don’t care, I’m just going to go in there and fight. Not even going to touch gloves with him or nothin. You know how it goes in the UFC… you know how it goes.

Do you feed off of the animosity from the Brazilian crowd, you seem to feed off that?

No, I don’t really get wound up by any of that stuff. I just soak it all up and just have fun really. I can go fight anywhere really. I’m not one of these guys that has to fight in a certain area. I can go and fight over there no problem. I actually wanted to fight in Brazil, I was offered the one with Barboza. We found out he was injured and they came back with the Gilbert Burns fight.

And I said no problem, signed the contract and the fight was on. And then they said he’s injured, so I want to keep you on the main card, this is the lad here we got for you. So I was like yeah sure, let’s go then, just signed it up and let’s fight really.

So what can we expect from Norman Parke and this fight?

Am, to just go out there and not give a feck… just fight, push the pace. That’s it that’s the frame of mind, be empty in the mind and not worry about anything else you know. It’s just you and him in there, so just fight. Just grind to the death, and I know I’m not going to give up.

I haven’t been put away in a long time and there’s no one that’s going to put me away unless they knock me clean cold. Other than that I’ll keep pushing right to the death, I’m not going to take a step back. I know what he’s good at but the only thing I’m worried about is what I’m going to be good at and I’m going to be pushing the pace on him.

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