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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

NOAH INHOFER Where Are They Now? Episode 2

Noah Inhofer Fighting in MMA

The last time UFC fans saw Noah Inhofer, he was in tears, storming out of season 3 of The Ultimate Fighter because his girlfriend had heard a rumour about him. He threw away a chance at UFC stardom to go talk with her – a decade on we find out what happened next.

Season 2 of “Where Are They Now” drops next Tuesday, August 16th only on UFC FIGHT PASS! As we seek to find out what has happened to some of these fighters who did not continue their careers in the UFC.

While many fighters do go on to become stars in the sport. So many more never get to see the light of day in terms of mainstream coverage. Spending the remaining years of their fighting careers on the smaller local promotions. So what did happen to Noah Inhofer?


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