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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

Nieky Holzken: The Best Pure Striker in the World Analysis / Breakdown

Brendan Dorman is back with a Nieky Holzken analysis and breakdown. Brendan’s original YouTube channel was a huge hit with some 8 million views, until some heartless fiend decided his amazing video content breached some rule or another, red tape eh! But now he’s back with a new channel and even more phenomenal film studies and analysis from the world of combat sports. His study of Nieky Holzken is a great way to once again kick things off as Dorman looks to innovate and educate those who love their combat sports. So enjoy and make sure to subscribe to his new channel in the link below.

“The Natural” born December 16, 1983 is Dutch super middleweight kickboxer who fights out of Golden Glory Gym in Breda, Netherlands. He is two-time European Muay Thai champion and K-1 MAX Scandinavia 2006 tournament champion currently the Glory Kickboxing Welterweight Champion with his recent (second straight) TKO finish of Raymond Daniels. Holzken has a professional boxing record of 8-0, 7 wins by knockout. In May 2015, he was ranked the #1 welterweight in the world by LiverKick.

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