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Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler Full Fight

Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler at UFC 47

At UFC 47 a rising star in Nick Diaz faced off against one of the sports most feared welterweight fighters in Robbie Lawler. Diaz with just one fight for the promotion was somewhat of an unknown. While Lawler, a product of Miletich fighting systems, was fast becoming a fan favourite.

And coming into this bout it was expected that Robbie would be the one walking away with the win. But the unknown quantity that was Diaz had some other plans. Looking to make an impression and take out a relatively big-name fighter. Would the loner from Stockton California be able to make the most of his opportunity?

Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler Round One

And from the first buzzer, it looked like Nick Diaz would be the fighter to take the reigns of the contest. Rushing forward with a jumping sidekick, Diaz soon took the centre of the octagon. Not only that but he also immediately started talking to Lawler, something which was not seen all that often in the sport.

Pushing forward, Nick appeared to be super confident in his abilites. Taunting the favourite and utilising his height and reach to throw Robbie off his game. But Lawler is always dangerous and overconfidence can lead to big problems, as he catches Diaz with a solid left hand which staggers him backwards.

But Nick is quick to recover and once again begins to push forward. Catching the Miletich fighter in the clinch and landing a knee to the mid section. He now begins to ratchet up his taunting of Lawler, which is catching both him and the commentator Joe Rogan off guard. And with that Nick catches him with a nice combination which almost puts him down.

But Robbie soon fires back in anger as he swings for the fences, without any success. And with referee Steve Mazagatti interjecting and telling Diaz “no talking.” It’s obvious the Nick’s gameplan is not just having an effect on his opponent. As well as is now landing some nice combinations which appear to be frustrating his opponent.

With Robbie showing flashes of his knockout punching power. He manages to catch Nick with a looping right hand, but this time it does not phase him. As Diaz takes the fight to the cage wall as he continues to apply more pressure.

Round Two

As round two gets underway, Nick almost immediately catches Robbie in the family jewels. However the referee tells him to keep going as Diaz presses forward. Something which Lawler is not at all familiar with, being the bully in the cage for the vast majority of his fights.

And with both fighters now landing some hard shots. It looks for all the world that the fight could swing either way at a moments notice. With Diaz looking for his opening as he keeps popping out his jab, keeping his opponent on the back foot. Lawler retaliates with his own looping shots that look to take Nick’s head clean off his shoulders.

And with some of his punches connecting, Robbie has the opportunity to turn the fight around at a moments notice. But with Nick Diaz staying cool and calm, quite a performance for a guy who is only twenty years of age, fighting for the biggest promotion in the world. And focused as he is, following a quick flurry by Robbie Lawler.

Nick Diaz catches him flush on the chin with a crisp right hook that sends Lawler faceplanting into the mat. With the referee stepping in to end the fight. A classic KO moment from the long and illustrious history of the UFC. And one of the standout moments from the career of Stockton’s son.


81 / 100
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