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Nick Diaz vs Paul Daley – One Of The Best Rounds

Nick Diaz vs Paul Daley Full Fight Highlights

The date, April 9, 2011, the event, Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley. As the reigning welterweight champion Nick Diaz looks to defend his title against the dangerous striker Paul Daley. And so we take a look back at one of the most iconic rounds, not just in the short-lived history of Strikeforce, but in all MMA.

With Nick Diaz going on to become perhaps the biggest enigma in the sport. His display of grit and championship worthiness against a dangerous and game Daley. Only aided in building the profile of this iconic fighter.

Being dropped and looking almost out of the fight. Nick was able to regain momentum, push forward and pull out one of the best stoppages in the history of the sport. And so we wanted to take this moment in time and bring it to you in our own unique way. Using a combination of art and multimedia to bring a new take to the classic welterweight world title fight.

Diaz vs Daley Strikeforce Round One

With a tentative start from both, the champion began by probing with his right hand and pushing the challenger up against the cage. With Daley being known for his knockout power. It didn’t seem as though the plan by Diaz should be to stay at distance. But the champion instead looked to push forward and take it to him on the feet.

And of course, Paul Daley was happy to accommodate, as he brought Nick to the ground during one of their initial exchanges. Exploding with a combination of punches and a kick which almost caught Diaz illegally in the head. But with Diaz being able to weather the proverbial storm and regain his composure and feet, the fight was now on.

Using his boxing, Nick was able to begin the process of breaking Paul Daley down. To the head, to the body, the punches in bunches style of Diaz was always going to be a handful for anyone. And we could tell they were already beginning to pay dividends as the Brit looked wobbly on his feet.

With Nick pushing forward and Paul on the backfoot. There was no question the fight was now swinging in favour of the champion. Applying the pressure and forcing Daley to swing for the fences.

And with that a huge left hook landed, stunning the champion and sending him to the ground. With Daley following up and looking to capitalise on a now hurt Nick Diaz. But with such a seasoned ground fighter as Nick, it was never going to be easy to finish him off on the ground.

As Nick manages to avoid any significant damage, climb back to his feet and go after a now fatigued challenger. Pushing Daley’s back to the cage and opening up with a barrage of his trademark head and body shots. Diaz is now pouring it on, with Paul looking to land a shot in reply to the onslaught.

But this is Nick’s fight as he lands a beautiful combination that stuns the challenger. Who attempts to push him away, but ends up spinning to the ground and on to his back. Badly hurt and seemingly unable to formulate a defence, Diaz continues to rain down punches from the top. Before the referee, John McCarthy has seen enough and calls and end to the action.

In one of the most memorable and thrilling rounds, the sport has seen. Join us as we wind back the clock and once again relive the action in our storyboard style. As we look to breathe new life into some of the greatest moments in all combat sports history.


82 / 100
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